Sunday, 29 June 2014

Review: google ads size 970 x 90 and 300 x 1050 of Google Adsense

Posted by Manoj Kumar Rana
As a bloggers every ones first choice of monetization his own Blog is  Google Adsense, And Also Adsense Take Care Of His Publishers By Improving  and Updates as per the Publishers Requirement. So Today We Take a Small Review About Newly Added Two google ads size 970 x 900 Horizontal Billboard and 300 x 1050 Potrait Ad Sizes.

About Google Adsense :

As i mention on the above, Bloggers First choice Of Monetization Their Blog is Google Adsense Because of Their So many Improved Features as well as update with the Platform as per requirement of the advertisers and publishers. And Onemorething There are somany ad servers are present some of the ad servers Paying to their Publishers on time But Some Ares Not But When You Came to Google Adsense There Is No Need to Worry About Payment.

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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

How Can You Start Earning Money Online ?

Posted by Manoj Kumar Rana

From the Day When I Have Listen that Someone can easily make some bucks of money  from Blogging, So From That Day onwards I am try to learn how many ways are there from which I can earn something by blogging. So I Have Google for that and also contact many friends on my network who are already earning a good amount through blogging And Also Take Help Of Them and know all those possibilities  things which I have to do for start my online earning.

So I have taking the guidelines from my friends and I have successfully started a blog and which was run successfully on my case. After successfully running that blog then I have started my planning to How Can I Monetize my blog.

How Can I Get My Path on Earning

So After Getting Daily 5000 Visitors On My Blog I Hope That Now I Can Earn Some Good Amount From That Blog. So For that I have use following resources 
  • Some Good Ad  Servers
  • File Server
  • Shorten URl Service Providers


Here For Use an  Ad Servers on your blog first you Have to Get An A publisher Ac from that ad sever after that you have to places the ad tags in your blog, So that Ads are going to showing on your blog and when some users visit or click on your ads then you can start  your earning. So I have  Apply for Adsense because  Adsense is a best way to monetize your blog.

After Approve My Blog On Adsense I got to know that there are two type of publisher ac .. means one is CPM ( Cost Per impression ) and second one is CPC ( Cost Per Cick ).

If Your Blog Is Not Approved Through Adsense Then No Need to Worry About That, Bcoz There are some other ad servers are also there by which you can get a good amount of earnings. Those Ad servers are  Adversal,Qadabra,Ybrant,TlvMedia and many More.

File Server

If You Are Running A Media  Blog where You Are Sharing Some Mediafiles with your visitors then you can add some earning to your ac by using some file servers Those are Based on PPD ( Pay Per downloads ) and PPs ( Pay Per Sale) So Here Is Some Of the file Servers By Which You Can Earn Some Extra Money. File Servers are Rockdizfile,Hulkshare, Etc.

Shorten URl Service Providers

For this type of service you don’t need a blog because without a blog also you can earn money. About Such Service like Short URL Service Is You Need to Share Their Links So Whenever a Visitor visit by your link your ac is credited with some amount. For Use this Service You Can You AdFly,, and many more.


So Finally Let Me Know If I am Missing Something or something you want to add this discuss…? 
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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

How i Got Free Traffic From Stumbleupon For My Blog

Posted by Manoj Kumar Rana

As Most of The Bloggers Drive Some Quality Free Traffic To Their Blog, So I am also try to Bring Some good Number of traffic On My Blog. That Time i Came Across with The Social Bookmarking Sites Like Stumble Upon.As We are mostly takes help of social sharing sites like StumbleUpon Reddit, Facebook, twitter and many more to Bring Traffic. I Am Sure that like those websites you are also using some other social book marking sites.

But Today im Going to Discuss How Can we Bring Some Major Number Of Traffic  From Stumbleupon Websites . Before i am going to start something about the traffic generation methods let me Share Little Bit Information Regarding Stumbleupon. Currently Stumbleupn is calculated among 5 top most social Bookmarking sites having Page Rank 8 With Alexa Rank 156.

Steps To Drive Traffic from Stumbleupon Site

  • Create a Ac on Stumbleupon & login There
  • Then Goto
  • Enter The URL on Webpage Address Text Box
  • Then Check The Type Of URl ( Safe / Not Safe ) 
  • Then In The Below Box You Have to Slect that The Page Category, So Always Keep In Mind Select the Proper Category Bcoz A Proper Category Selection Helps You To Increse Some relevent users.
  • The Next option is You Have to Choose The Tags, Here You Can Enter The Tag Typs and below that is for comment part. But Both Tag & Comment are optional that means you can skip these two options.
  • At Last you Have to Click On Submit Then You Can Find that With In  Short Span Of Time You Can Get Good Number Of Traffic From StumbleUpon Social Sharing Sites.


I Hope By Using These Steps you can get a good number of Traffic, But Still There are few restriction on stumble upon is that you can only post ten post through a StumbleUpon ac.Let Me Know Your Suggestion and Tips For Make This Discussion Better 
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Sunday, 8 June 2014

7 Essential blogging tips for Newbie Bloggers

Posted by Manoj Kumar Rana

Blogging Tips : I Have Seen on So many Places Where Bloggers Are Worried About To Know How They Can  engage their visitors on their blog and  I have also struggle with this situation for a long time, but after that I have follow some techniques which help me to achieve my goal. So I’m sure you are also worried about to know how u can engage your users most of the time in your blog.

Blogging Tips

Blogging intimidating Sometimes because you don’t know where to Begin your post, So Here are the 7 Tips Which are I’m using on my blog, I Hope this Helps you on Blogging.
  • First thing Your Blog Should Look Clean And a pleasant Layout.
  • Regular updating
  • Find Out the Magic Time Of Ur Posts
  • Offer Quality Content to Your Reader
  • Post What Your Readers Want from you Specially
  • Build Social Engagement
  • Write What you Love 

First thing Your Blog Should Look Clean And a pleasant Layout

When a Reader comes  to visit your blog then the first thing which one he is going to see How Ur blog looks Like , Because if your blog is not looks good and clean then he is no more showing interest towards your blog and your content, I’m Sorry to Say this But it’s the fact. So if your a developer then develop a neat, clean and easily navigated blog otherwise hire one of your friend who can help you on this matter.

Regular updating

This is the advice I should take Serious. Because it takes a major role on your blogging carrier, If you’re not going to updated your blog regularly (min 3-5 times in a week) then readers think that your blog is dead. So the only way to active your blog is keep updating. As We Know Reader are back to your blog to get something new from you so more you gave to your readers in return more traffic u get. Make a chart and choose which days during the week you’re going to update, and at which times. (You could go even further and designate which days are going to be about which topics. Example: Mondays are fashion posts, Wednesdays are dating posts, Fridays are anything posts, etc.) And about timing…

Find Out the Magic Time of Ur Posts

When you publish something on your blog honestly, it is something looks like just throwing a stone without a aim. Because you don’t know who can read and on which time you can get most of traffic so when you publish something on your blog keep a point on the no of visitors on that specific time period and make a different time slot for another post and note down the no of visitors on that time by this you can get an idea on which time u got good no of readers to your blog.

Offer your readers something they want from you

Maybe it’s your awesome giveaways. Or maybe it’s a movie review. Or maybe it’s just your writing voice which makes you unique as compare to others. Don’t try to do what other blogs do. Do what you want to do and stick with that point only.

Engage Your readers

Don’t Write blog on a empty space think about your readers and their point of view. For example , If Your Writing about Your First online  Earning Then Try Asking their First online earning Don’t Shy “.  Let Them Know What You want to know from your readers because always think that your blog is your home and you are inviting them to your home.

About commenting System I have seen so many people’s are using so many commenting policy which personally I don’t like that, make that simple.

Build Social Engagement

I have a facebook page which I’m use for promoting my blog posts, twitter feed and some information which helps my readers to gain some knowledge.

Write What you Love 

From old Peoples you May Be Listen that  “Write what you know? “But I’m saying “Write what you love?” Because if you are passion towards what you are writing then you are readers also showing passion towards what they are reading?

So Finally Let Me Know If I am Missing Something or something you want to add this discuss…? 
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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Short Url : Best Url Shorteners 2014 High Ecpm with Payment Proof

Posted by Manoj Kumar Rana

There are meany website who are providing services to shrink urls. Url - Shortening Serives help you on earning some bucks by using then for short your URL.After Short You are url you can share that link win ur blog,facebook,twitter and many other social networking sites. So When a user visit through ur shared short URL that time you can earn for every click through. Basicallu short url services are working as a redirection service which is redirect the short url to the targeted web page.

How Can U Earn Money By Short Url

  • Create a Account Under Short Url Providers
  • Paste Your url there for shorten ur long url
  • Share Your Short Url On Different places like blog,fb,twitter and other social sharing sites.
  • When someone click on ur short url then that user gothrough with 5 to 10 seconds advertisements
  • After that he can skip that ads so that he can see the hidden link ( Redirect web page link )
  • So when visitors are visit through  that link you cna able to earn some revenue.

Top & Best High Ecpm Payout URL Shorten Url websites to Earn Money Online

There are Somany Free Short Url Provoiders are presesnt these Days but we are to give the best shorten url providers which are genuine to their publishers and also a good Ecpam, So That You Can Generate a Good Amount Of Revenue By using Such Services Like Short Url  for Your extra income through your blog or with out a blog.


Its Basically from Europe and having 8 team mebers who are work really hard to bring this product which gives better way to earn money online.The Minimum Payout Of is 5$ for Paypal Users and $20 for Payoneer.

02. also same as other short url providers. also provide you different payout rate for per 1000 unique visitors. Here The Minimum Payout is 5$ for PayPal or Payoneer.

03. Adfoc.Us

Adfoc.U is a free short url service providers. It has providing a unique future by which you can short 100 of url at a time and the minimum payout is 10$ and the mode of payout is paypal.

Conclusion about Short URl Service 

In My Point Of View If You are run a long term niche site like technology,news then its not a good deal of using short urls but still you can earn few bucks by using their referral  service

We hope the above  url shorteners will be of great use to your online earnings. Wish you all the best!
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